A group of business terms providing information about the Seller.


Syntax binding
ubl:Invoice / cac:AccountingSupplierParty

Child terms

Id Business Term Card. Definition
IBT-027 Seller name 1..1 The full formal name by which the Seller is registered in the national registry of legal entities or as a Taxable person or otherwise trades as a person or persons.
IBT-028 Seller trading name 0..1 A name by which the Seller is known, other than Seller name (also known as Business name).
IBT-029 Seller identifier 0..n An identification of the Seller.
IBT-030 Seller legal registration identifier 0..1 An identifier issued by an official registrar that identifies the Seller as a legal entity or person.
IBT-031 Seller TAX identifier 0..1 The Seller’s TAX identifier (also known as Seller TAX identification number).
IBT-032 Seller TAX registration identifier 0..1 The local identification (defined by the Seller’s address) of the Seller for tax purposes or a reference that enables the Seller to state his registered tax status.
IBT-033 Seller additional legal information 0..1 Additional legal information relevant for the Seller.
IBT-034 Seller electronic address 1..1 Identifies the Seller’s electronic address to which the application level response to the invoice may be delivered.
IBG-05 SELLER POSTAL ADDRESS 1..1 A group of business terms providing information about the address of the Seller.
IBG-06 SELLER CONTACT 0..1 A group of business terms providing contact information about the Seller.