This document specifies the migration plan for transition from the current versions of PEPPOL BIS specifications, as listed below, to the updated PEPPOL BIS specifications (BIS version 3), as well as the phase out of the current PEPPOL BIS version 2 specifications. This plan is based on the OpenPEPPOL Migration Policy.

1. Introduction

1.1. Principles

This migration plan is based on the following principles:

  1. To allow a smooth and as friction free transition as possible, using two versions of the element subject to migration for new as well as existing end‐users to prepare for an updated element must be allowed.

  2. To ensure non‐disrupted operations and full interoperability of the messages exchanged in the PEPPOL network, the period during which two parallel versions are allowed should be as short as possible.

  3. Any changes affecting the current (mandatory) PEPPOL element should be notified, communicated and agreed upon in the relevant coordinating community (CC) well in advance.

  4. The migration is conducted in three steps at three different points in time, marked as “A”, “B” and “C” and defined as follows:

    A – Phase in

    date at which the updated BIS is introduced as an optional element. At this date it should be able to download any specification for the updated PEPPOL BIS. The updated BIS is optional at this point in time.

    B – Transition

    the date at which the updated BIS replaces the current BIS as the mandatory element. The previously mandatory BIS becomes optional.

    C – Phase out

    the date after which the BIS that was mandatory at “A”, and became optional at “B”, is no longer supported in the PEPPOL network

  • The migration rules only apply to an end user’s individual PEPPOL BIS registered in the SMP.

  • The migration rules only applies for an updated PEPPOL BIS, i.e. when an existing and current PEPPOL BIS version exists.

  • All PEPPOL participants need to adhere to the Migration Policy.

2. Detailed migration plan

This section describes how and when updated PEPPOL Business Interoperability Specifications (BIS) will be available for use.

This migration plan addresses the migration of the PEPPOL BIS specifications from current versions, 3.7 (BIS version 2 2018 fall release), to the upgraded versions BIS version 3.0. BIS version 3.0 is a non backwards compatible major release that aligns OpenPEPPOL BIS specifications to the EN16931 European Invoice Standard as it is has been adopted in OpenPEPPOL BIS3 Billing. These are the following BIS specifications, they are jointly referred to as "BIS version 3.0". Current version’s are referred to as "BIS version 2 Current"

  • BIS 1A Catalogue Only

  • BIS 3A Order Only

  • BIS 18A Punch Out

  • BIS 28A Ordering

  • BIS 30A Despatch Advice

  • BIS 36A Message Level Response

  • BIS 42A Order Agreement

  • BIS 63A Invoice Response

    A - Phase In
  • “Phase in” is defined as the start date for the optional use of PEPPOL BIS version 3.0 specifications corresponding to the publication date when the new PEPPOL BIS specifications become available for download at

  • The date is set to 2018-12-12

    B - Transition
  • The Transition is defined as the period during which the current PEPPOL BIS specification (version 2) changes status from mandatory to Optional.

  • The new PEPPOL BIS version 3.0, becomes mandatory, to align with the enforcement of the new invoicing directive.

  • The start date for the transition period is set to 2019-05-29

    c - Phase­out
  • After the phase‐out, the old BIS specifications (version 2) are not available and the document id’s are removed from the Policy for Identifiers document.

  • Phase‐out date of old BIS specifications (version 2) are set to 2020-05-15.

The dates in the table below are start dates of the different phases. As an example, the date shown for A - Phase in, 2018-12-12 is the first date where the BIS version 3.0 is available as an optional element.

Table 1. Migration overview

Subject to migration

A - Phase in

B - Transition

C - Phase out




BIS2 Current




BIS3 Upgrade




3. Migration rules ‐ PEPPOL participants affected by the Migration Policy

The OpenPEPPOL Migration Policy affects all end‐users registered in a SMP for OpenPEPPOL bis specifications, other than invoice/billing, according to the following rules:

End‐users registered in a SMP before the phase‐in date (2018-12-12)
  • It is mandatory to support the current PEPPOL BIS versions that are registered in the SMP for an individual end user, until the transition date (2019-05-29).

  • Supporting new PEPPOL BIS versions is optional until the transition date (2019-05-29).

End‐users registered in a SMP after the phase‐in date (2018-12-12)

It is optional to support the current PEPPOL BIS versions and the new PEPPOL BIS versions that are registered in the SMP for an individual end user until the transition date (2019-05-29).

For all end‐users after the transition (2019-05-29)

After the transition, the PEPPOL BIS3 Upgrade becomes mandatory and the PEPPOL BIS2 Current becomes optional.