cac urn:oasis:names:specification:ubl:schema:xsd:CommonAggregateComponents-2
Child elements
Card Name Description
0..1 cbc:Description

Item description
Free-form field that can be used to give a text description of the item. A detailed description of the item.

Example value: Window 23", double glass

1..1 cbc:Name

Item name
A name for an item. A short name given to an item, such as a name from a Catalogue, as distinct from a description.

Example value: Window

0..1 cac:BuyersItemIdentification

Buyers item identification

0..1 cac:SellersItemIdentification

Sellers item identification

0..1 cac:StandardItemIdentification

Standard item identification

0..1 cac:ItemSpecificationDocumentReference

Item document references

0..n cac:CommodityClassification

Commodity classification information

0..1 cac:TransactionConditions

Contracted item

0..1 cac:ClassifiedTaxCategory

Line TAX information

0..n cac:AdditionalItemProperty

Additional item property information
A group of business terms providing information about properties of the goods and services invoiced.

0..n cac:Certificate

Item label information
Information about the items environmental, social, ethical and quality type of labelling.

Identifier/Error message Flag
Element 'cbc:Name' MUST be provided.
Document MUST NOT contain elements not part of the data model.