ubl urn:oasis:names:specification:ubl:schema:xsd:OrderChange-2
Child elements
Card Name Description
1..1 cbc:CustomizationID

Specification identification
Identifies the specification of content and rules that apply to the transaction.

Fixed value:

1..1 cbc:ProfileID

Business process type identifier
Identifies the BII profile or business process context in which the transaction appears.

Fixed value:

1..1 cbc:ID

Order identifier
A transaction instance must have an identifier. The identifier enables referencing the transaction for various purposes such as from other transactions that are part of the same process.

Example value: 0-123

0..1 cbc:SalesOrderID

Sales order reference
An identifier of a referenced sales order, issued by the Seller.

Example value: 112233

1..1 cbc:IssueDate

Order issue date
The date on which the transaction instance was issued.

Example value: 2022-02-01

0..1 cbc:IssueTime

Order issue time
The time assigned by the buyer on which the order was issued.

Example value: 12:12:12

0..1 cbc:SequenceNumberID

Order Change Sequence Number
The Order Change Sequence Number assigned by the Buyer to ensure the proper sequencing of changes.

Example value: 15

0..1 cbc:Note

Document level textual note
Free form text applying to the Order. This element may contain notes or any other similar information that is not contained explicitly in another structure.

Example value: Packages of other sizes are OK

1..1 cbc:DocumentCurrencyCode

The default currency for the order.

Example value: NOK

0..1 cbc:CustomerReference

Buyer contact
The element is used for the reference of who ordered the products/services. Example being the name of the person ordering, employee number or a code identifying this person or department/group. Also known as "Your reference", and should also be sent in the corresponding invoice.

Example value: oik987

0..1 cbc:AccountingCost

Buyers accounting string
Used by the buyer to specify a reference that should be repeated in e.g. invoice to enable the buyer to automatically book e.g. to the right project, or account.

Example value: 1234:45435:243234

0..1 cac:ValidityPeriod

Validity period

1..1 cac:OrderReference

Order reference

0..1 cac:QuotationDocumentReference

Quotation reference
Reference to quotation which is basis for the order

0..1 cac:OriginatorDocumentReference

Originator document

0..n cac:AdditionalDocumentReference

Additional documents

0..1 cac:Contract

Contract information
Reference to contract

1..1 cac:BuyerCustomerParty

Buyer information
Description of buyer

1..1 cac:SellerSupplierParty

Seller information
Description of seller

0..1 cac:OriginatorCustomerParty

Originator party
Information regarding the originator of the order

0..1 cac:AccountingCustomerParty

Invoicee party
Information regarding the receiver of the invoice based on the order (Invoicee)

0..1 cac:Delivery

Delivery information

0..1 cac:DeliveryTerms

Terms of delivery

0..1 cac:PaymentTerms

Payment terms

0..n cac:AllowanceCharge

Allowance and charge information
Allowances and charges for the order

0..1 cac:TaxTotal

Tax total
Specification of expected tax amount

0..1 cac:AnticipatedMonetaryTotal

Anticipated monetary total
Estimated total amounts for the order

1..n cac:OrderLine

Order line
Specification of order lines

Identifier/Error message Flag
Element 'cbc:CustomizationID' MUST be provided.
Element 'cbc:ProfileID' MUST be provided.
Element 'cbc:ID' MUST be provided.
Element 'cbc:IssueDate' MUST be provided.
Element 'cbc:DocumentCurrencyCode' MUST be provided.
Element 'cac:OrderReference' MUST be provided.
Element 'cac:BuyerCustomerParty' MUST be provided.
Element 'cac:SellerSupplierParty' MUST be provided.
Element 'cac:OrderLine' MUST be provided.
Document MUST not contain schema location.
Document MUST NOT contain elements not part of the data model.