cac urn:oasis:names:specification:ubl:schema:xsd:CommonAggregateComponents-2"
Child elements
Card Name Description
0..1 cbc:Description

Item description
The Item description allows for describing the item and its features in more detail than the Item name. Use one description pr. language

Example value: This is a rather long item description, often very detailed

0..1 cbc:PackQuantity

Packed Quantity
The number of packed units that are in the orderable unit.

Example value: 12

0..1 cbc:PackSizeNumeric

Packed units
The packaging the item is available inside the orderable unit (next lower level packaging), and which contains the number of the unit described in Packed quantity.

1..1 cbc:Name

Item name
A name for an item.

Example value: Item name

0..1 cbc:Keyword

Item key words
Used to specify searchable keywords and/or synonyms for the item.

Example value: Toothpaste

0..1 cbc:BrandName

Item brand name
Name of the brand of the item to allow economic operators to distinctively describe an item in their catalogue or pre-award catalogue.

Example value: Solidox

0..1 cac:SellersItemIdentification

Sellers item identification

0..1 cac:ManufacturersItemIdentification

Manufacturers item identification

0..1 cac:StandardItemIdentification

Standard item identification

0..n cac:ItemSpecificationDocumentReference +

Attached item specifications
Attachments can be sent on line level in the Catalogue. This can be images or additional descriptions of a product. It is strongly recommended to use external references in the form of URI’s for attachments.

0..1 cac:OriginCountry

Origin country

0..n cac:CommodityClassification

Commodity classification

0..1 cac:TransactionConditions

Transaction conditions

0..n cac:HazardousItem

Hazardous item

0..1 cac:ClassifiedTaxCategory +

Classified tax category
VAT information

0..n cac:AdditionalItemProperty +

Additional item property
Additional properties are meant for product properties that cannot be sent in any of the defined elements in PreAward Catalogue. Additional properties consist of the Name of the property and the actual Value.

0..1 cac:ManufacturerParty

Manufacturer party

0..n cac:ItemInstance

Item instance
Definition>A trackable, unique instantiation of this item.

0..n cac:Certificate  
0..n cac:Dimension


Identifier/Error message Flag
Element 'cbc:Name' MUST be provided.
Document MUST NOT contain elements not part of the data model.
Example of a catalogue item
        <cbc:Description>Milk standard 3%</cbc:Description>
        <cbc:PackQuantity unitCode="LTR" unitCodeListID="UNECERec20">10</cbc:PackQuantity>
        <cbc:Name>Milk standard 3%</cbc:Name>
        <cbc:BrandName>Branded Milk</cbc:BrandName>
                <cbc:ID schemeID="GTIN">99023409093843</cbc:ID>
                        <cbc:EmbeddedDocumentBinaryObject mimeCode="application/pdf">
                <cbc:DocumentDescription>Product image</cbc:DocumentDescription>
                <cbc:IdentificationCode listID="ISO3166-1:Alpha2">FR</cbc:IdentificationCode>
                <cbc:ItemClassificationCode listID="CPV">783xxxxxxxx</cbc:ItemClassificationCode>
                <cbc:Name>Fat % for milk</cbc:Name>