Additional properties are meant for product properties that cannot be sent in any of the defined elements in PreAward Catalogue. Additional properties consist of the Name of the property and the actual Value.

cac urn:oasis:names:specification:ubl:schema:xsd:CommonAggregateComponents-2"
Child elements
Card Name Description
0..1 cbc:ID

Item property identifier
A property identifier for the property of the item request.

Example value: PROP-34

1..1 cbc:Name

Item property name
The name of the property.The name must be sufficiently descriptive to define the value. The definition may be supplemented with the property unit of measure when relevant.

Example value: Color

0..1 cbc:NameCode

Item property classification code
Code for the item property according to a property code system

Example value: 35

1..1 cbc:Value

Item property value
The value of the item property

Example value: Red

0..1 cbc:ValueQualifier

Item property unit of measure
The unit of measure in which the property value is stated, if relevant. May not be relevant when properties are descriptive.

Example value: EA

Identifier/Error message Flag
Element 'cbc:Name' MUST be provided.
Element 'cbc:Value' MUST be provided.
Document MUST NOT contain elements not part of the data model.
UBL example of additional item information
        <cbc:Name>Fat % for milk</cbc:Name>