t001 urn:oasis:names:specification:ubl:schema:xsd:ExpressionOfInterestRequest-2
Child elements
Card Name Description
1..1 cbc:UBLVersionID

UBL version identifier

Fixed value: 2.2

1..1 cbc:CustomizationID

Customization identifier
Identifies the specification of content and rules that apply to the transaction.

Fixed value:

1..1 cbc:ProfileID

Profile identifier
Identifies the BII profile or business process context in which the transaction appears.

Fixed value:

1..1 cbc:ID

Expression of interest identifier
An identifier that is suitable for identifying or referencing a document, MUST be expressed in a UUID syntax (RFC 4122).

1..1 cbc:ContractFolderID

Reference number
An identifier that is specified by the buyer and used as a reference number for all documents in the procurement process. It is also known as procurement project identifier, procurement reference number or contract folder identifier. Used as a link to the call for tenders.

1..1 cbc:IssueDate

Expression of interest issue date
The date on which transaction is issued.

1..1 cbc:IssueTime

Expression of interest issue time
Time of issue of Transaction.The issue time must have granularity of seconds, and include time zone information

0..1 cbc:PreferredLanguageLocaleCode

Economic operator preferred language
The language the economic operator prefers to use when receiving documents from the contracting body. Use the ISO 639 1 code list

1..1 cac:EconomicOperatorParty

Economic operator

1..1 cac:ContractingParty

Contracting body

0..n cac:ProcurementProjectLotReference

Requested lot