The Registery Object returns a notice instance that matches the Search Notice Request.

rim urn:oasis:names:tc:ebxml-regrep:xsd:rim:4.0
Use Name Description
M @lid

Procedure identifier
The Procedure Identifier (BT-04) allows distinguishing procurement procedures and shall be globally unique. It identifies the procurement procedure the notice belongs to. In PEPPOL the Procedure Identifier is also named "Reference Number" or "ContractFolderID". In the later eTendering process the element is used to find the right procedure for a Procurement Procedure Subscription (P001).

M @id

Notice identifier
Specifies the notice identifier (BT-701) allowing to uniquely distinguishing the notice amongst all other existing ones contained within the query.

M @xsi:type

Fixed value: rim:ExtrinsicObjectType

Child elements
Card Name Description
1..1 rim:Slot@name=UBLDocumentSchema

UBL document schema
Used to identify the UBL document type of the referenced notice which are associated to the corresponding UBL namespaces.

1..1 rim:Slot@name=NoticeVersion

Notice version
Version of the notice (BT-757) which shall be published. 01 for initial version. Any new version should have a higher version number than any previous one. Use consecutive numbers made of 2 digits. If this is not the first iteration of the notice choose a higher number than one, ideally counting up from the last version which was published.

1..1 rim:Slot@name=CustomizationID

eForms version
This element identifies the customization used for the notice. Identification is based on the complete set (schemas+rules) limited to the major and minor version numbers.

1..1 rim:Slot@name=BuyerInformation

Buyer information
The information about the buyer (BG-3) includes different types of identification elements to disclose a way to identify the buyer and its location without immediately opening the attached published notice.

1..1 rim:RepositoryItemRef

Repository item reference
The Repository Item Reference specifies a reference to the XML notice that is included to the local ASiC-E container (Associated Signature Container Extended) repository.