Any natural or legal person or public entity or group of such persons and/or entities, including any temporary association of undertakings, which offers the execution of works and/or a work, the supply of products or the provision of services on the market.

cac urn:oasis:names:specification:ubl:schema:xsd:CommonAggregateComponents-2
Data type
Contracting Party
Child elements
Card Name Description
0..1 cbc:EndpointID

Economic operator electronic address identifier
Electronic address identifier of the tenderer party.

Example value: 500820007

1..1 cac:PartyIdentification

Party identification
An identifier for this party.

1..1 cac:PartyName

Party name
A name for this party.

0..1 cac:PostalAddress

Postal address
Additional to the Party Identification the Party Name has to be given. It is put into the Name tag of the PartyName.

0..1 cac:Contact

Contacting detaily
Used to provide contacting information for a party in general or a person.

Identifier/Error message Flag
[PEPPOL-T013-S323] ContractingParty or TendererParty SHOULD NOT contain any elements but EndpointID, PartyIdentification, PartyName
[PEPPOL-T013-R024] A Tender Notification Document Reference MUST have a schemeURI attribute.
[PEPPOL-T013-R010] An Endpoint Identifier MUST have a scheme identifier attribute.