Additional document reference is used for identifying the procurement procedure and the questions for the procurement project. The ContractFolderID must be at least provided. Additional references may be included to locate the questions for LotGroups or Lots.

cac urn:oasis:names:specification:ubl:schema:xsd:CommonAggregateComponents-2
Data type
Child elements
Card Name Description
1..1 cbc:ID

Document identifier
Used as a link to the call for tenders (also known as procurement project identifier, procurement reference number or contract folder identifier). The contract folder ID must be at least provided. Element can be repeated and also used as an identifier to the LotGroups and Lots to which the tendering question applies. XPath expressions are used to locate the questions.

1..n cbc:XPath

Reference to an cac:Attachment
An xpath expression to reference an cac:Attachment where questions can be described or referenced to an attached file within the ASiC-e.

Identifier/Error message Flag
At least one XPath MUST be given.