OpenPEPPOL eDEC Specifications

The specifications listed here are mandatory in the Peppol network.

Last modification: 2020-06-24

Specification Release Version Release Date
Transport Infrastructure
PEPPOL Transport Infrastructure Service Metadata Locator (SML) v1.0.1 2010-10-01
PEPPOL Transport Infrastructure Service Metadata Publishing (SMP) v1.1.0 2012-08-15
PEPPOL Transport Infrastructure AS2 Profile v2.0 2019-03-14
PEPPOL AS4 Profile v2.0.1 2019-08-23
Business Envelope
PEPPOL Business Message Envelope (SBDH) v1.2 2019-02-01
PEPPOL Business Message Envelope XML Schema v1.2 2019-02-01
PEPPOL Policy for Transport Security v1.0 2019-01-31
Policy for use of Identifiers v4.0 2019-01-28
Other Specifications
PEPPOL Directory v1.1 2018-07-17
eDEC Code Lists
eDEC Code Lists v7 2020-04-30